Proposal Format

This section specifies the format, content, and level of detail required for grant proposals. Applicants should submit three copies of their proposal in English; please number the pages of your proposal and closely follow the outline below.

I. Cover Page

  1. Organization Name and Address
    Must be the official name under which commitments are made; please include both street and mailing addresses; telephone and fax numbers; and email addresses.
  2. Project Manager
    Staff member who would be directly responsible for the project and who will be contacted concerning proposal details.
  3. Project Title
    Select a project title that reflects the nature of the activity and the chosen method of operation.
  4. Period of Support
    Period during which project costs will be incurred. Be sure to allow sufficient time for planning, execution and evaluation of the project. It takes about six months for a proposal to reach final approval; your beginning date should be at least six months from the date of submission.
  5. Total Project Costs and Amount Requested
    List both the total cost of the project and the amount you are requesting from CIPE.
  6. Other Sources of Support
    List other sources and amounts of support or, if commitments have not yet been received, other organizations that you have asked to support your project.

II. Project Description

  1. Introduction
    Brief summary of the proposed project and a summary of the applicant organization, including its goals and philosophy, and a statement on the experience relevant to the activities proposed for funding.
  2. Background
    Statement of the problem or need being addressed by the project.
  3. Project Objectives
    Describe the specific objectives of the project and how they relate to CIPE's objectives.
  4. Project Activities
    Describe in detail what will be done. Include where and when the project will take place and the population the activities will affect.
  5. Anticipated Results
    Describe specific, tangible outcomes that are anticipated as a result of the project and that may be used to indicate whether the objectives have been achieved.
  6. Method of Evaluation
    Way in which applicant will assess the results of the project as measured against the stated objectives.
  7. Schedule
    List anticipated dates of key project events and activities.
  8. Program Personnel
    List key personnel and briefly describe their qualifications in relation to this project. This should include previous position held and educational background. Complete resumes should be included with the proposal.

III. Project Budget

  1. Summary of Costs List estimated costs in U.S. dollars by any or all of the following categories:
    1. Salaries - Remuneration for any or all salaried employees of the proposing organization for the time spent on this project is included here. Provide the title and/or type of personnel, annual salary range, percent of time devoted to this project and total amount to be paid for work on this project.
    2. Benefits, Allowances and Taxes - This category includes the actual costs of staff benefits such as authorized paid absences (vacation, sick leave, etc.) and employer contributions (to employee insurance, pension plans, etc.) based only on the salaries devoted to the project. That is, if a salaried employee devotes 40 percent of his time to a project, 40 percent of all benefits paid to him may be included here. Taxes which the applicant organization is required to pay associated with the costs of this project may also be included.
    3. Space and Utilities - Amount of rent or occupancy costs plus basic utilities for the space to be used during this project.
    4. Supplies - Supplies include consumable materials, such as basic office supplies, and items costing less than $500 with an estimated useful life of less than two years. List specific items or types of items to be purchased.
    5. Equipment - Equipment includes purchased equipment costing over $500 per unit with an estimated life of over two years. For purchase of equipment, include a written justification of the purchase and a brief description of the items. For short-term projects, such as conferences and workshops, it is expected that any necessary equipment will be leased rather than purchased.
    6. Communication and Postage - Telephone, telex, postage, courier service and other similar costs.
    7. Travel and Per Diem - Travel must be estimated according to the applicant's established travel practice, provided that the travel costs is reasonable and that all travelers use transportation costing no more than air coach accommodations. Where available, all travel must be on U.S. airlines. For travel, indicate the number of travelers, points of departure, destination and estimated costs. List ground transportation (taxis, limousines, etc.) separately. Per diem rates should include the costs of hotel accommodations and meals. Please indicate the number of travelers, number of days, daily rate and total estimated cost.
    8. Consultants' Fees and Expenses - List consultants' daily rate, number of days, expenses and total.
    9. Contractual Services and Professional Fees - Costs of professional services, such as printing, translation or accounting services necessary for the performance of the proposed project, to be rendered by the members of a particular profession who are not employees of the applicant organization.
    10. Other Direct Costs - Costs necessary for the projects that cannot be classified under any of the budget categories listed above.
  2. Total Estimated Cost Total of a) through j) of Section 1 above.
  3. Anticipated Income List all anticipated sources of income for this project including:
    1. The amount requested from CIPE;
    2. Cash donations;
    3. In-kind contributions at the fair market value of essential items that are wholly or partially consumed on the project. In-kind contributions must also be reflected in the total project cost;
    4. Grants, including all or a pro rata share of anticipated grants either wholly or partially restricted for use on this project; and
    5. Other funds, regardless of source, expected to be used on this project.
  4. Total Anticipated Income Total of a) through e) of Section 3.
  5. Cash Flow Projections Provide a schedule of anticipated cash requirements on a monthly basis for the duration of the project.
  6. Authorized Signature Signature and typed name and title of individual who is legally authorized to execute a contract or grant on behalf of the organization.
  7. Attachments Applicant organizations must attach their most recent annual report, personnel list and audited financial statements. Other materials, brochures, research reports, seminary or conference announcements, samples of publications and results of past programs are also welcome.


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