A Report on Two Anti-Corruption Projects: "Reducing Transaction Costs" in Brazil and "Strategies to Combat Corruption" in Ecuador

The two projects addressed in this evaluation focused on changing specific procedures, as well as promoting strategies to curb corruption. Both projects completed all proposed activities competently, with the exception of the Liberal Institutefs diagnosis of deregulation. Furthermore, these projects achieved most of their broader impact goals. Read more…

An Evaluation of CIEN's Decentralization Projects: "Decentralizations: A Step Toward Development" and "Decentralization: A Step Forward"

Guatemala’s 36 year civil war was characterized by a highly centralized political structure that failed to provide the rural sector equitable access to government services and to encourage active community participation in the decision-making process. The Peace Accords of April 1996 provided Guatemala with the opportunity to achieve a more participatory democracy and to build sustainable development. Read more…

From 1995 to 1997, A New Era of Institutional Development: An Evaluation of CIPE's Business Associaiton Management Training Program

CIPE’s Business Association Management Training Program is designed to enable business associations and chambers of commerce to more effectively represent their members and promote free market economic systems and democratic governance. Created in 1985, this program has evolved over the years into its current form, a one-week, in-country training seminar taught primarily by CIPE staff and American business association executives. Read more…

Institutional Partnerships Program: Final Evaluation

This report has been designed to be of the most practical use to USAID, IREX, CIPE, and our Russian chamber partners. The findings of this report represent the views of both the Senior Program Officer (Stephen Deane) and the Evaluation Officer (Erik C. Johnson). This combination of perspectives offers both the insight of program management and the critical analysis of a professional evaluator. Read more…

Supporting China's Transition to a Market Economy: An Evaluation of the Chinese Economists Society

This evaluation of CIPE’s support for the Chinese Economists Society (CES) will attempt to answer the list of CIPE charges to the outside evaluator. It will do so in a descending order of what are considered to be CES’s most important contributions, followed by its secondary contributions, and so on. Specifically, it shall begin with a discussion of CES’s role in reintegrating Chinese economists and management specialists in the United States back into the Chinese policy, business, and academic environment. Read more…


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