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Women Mean Business: Game Changers in South Asia

Rachel Grossman, Article at a glance: Read more…

Economic Integration as a Possible Way Forward in Post-Soviet Frozen Conflicts

Marc Schleifer, Ann Mette Sander Nielsen, Article at a glance: Read more…

Community of Democracies Ministerial Declaration of the Private Sector Forum

The role of the private sector in building democracies that deliver prosperity and opportunity to all citizens is often overlooked. That is why the contribution made by private sector participants at the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies is particularly noteworthy. The Ministerial, which took place on July 22-24 in El Salvador, gathered representatives of governments, parliaments, civil society, the private sector, and youth in the capital of the Community’s 2013-2015 Presidency, San Salvador. Read more…

International Youth Day 2015

Bahaa Eddin Al Dahoudi, Hiba Safi, Huma Sattar, Lawrence Yealue, Inclusive, participatory democracies thrive when all citizens, including youth, are engaged. Communities benefit when young people play an active role in the economy and the policymaking process. When youth are active stakeholders, societies become more democratic because governments and markets become more accountable to their citizens. Read more…

Supporting Women's Entrepreneurship through Mentorships in Serbia

Maiko Nakagaki, Article at a Glance Revitalizing Serbia’s economy requires encouraging more women to engage in the private sector at the small and medium enterprise level Women-to-women mentorship is crucial for supporting and nurturing the growth of women entrepreneurs because it helps build the mentees’ confidence to expand their businesses Local women’s business associations, which understand the local challenges that women entrepreneurs face, are great contributors to the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women business owners Background Read more…


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