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Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship Around the World

Maiko Nakagaki, Stephanie Bandyk, Article at a glance Read more…

Shareholding and Democracy

Milko Štimac, Article at a glance Read more…

Public-Private Dialogue: The Key to Good Governance and Development

Kim Eric Bettcher, Benjamin Herzberg, Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, Article at a glance Read more…

Using a Trade Agreement to Address Corruption

Laura B. Sherman, Article at a glance Read more…

Anti-Corruption Compliance: A CIPE Guide for Mid-Sized Companies in Emerging Markets

Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, Article at a glance To comply with international anti-corruption norms and regulations, the private sector must take greater responsibility in working to eliminate corruption. A strategic investment for local firms in anti-corruption compliance and effective compliance programs provide a vital competetive advantage for doing business in today’s world. To support the private sector in emerging markets, CIPE created the Anti-Corruption Compliance: A Guide for Mid-Sized Companies in Emerging Markets guidebook, geared specifically at helping local firms introduce practical yet effective anti-corruption compliance programs.  Download the guidebook discussed in this article here. Read more…

Shaping the New Development Agenda

James Michel, Article at a glance Deliberations on a new post-2015 development agenda are currently underway. These deliberations are taking into account significant changes to the field of development cooperation since the Millenium Development Goals were established. There are new questions and expectations regarding: development goals, local ownership and capacity for implementation, coherent and effective international support, and appropriate kinds and adequate amounts of financing. A major challenge will be to undertake a transformative shift toward more coherent partnerships that take into account the full array of policies, practices, and financing to accelerate progress toward agreed development goals. Read more…


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