25 Year Impact Evaluation

On the occasion of the Center for International Private Enterprise’s (CIPE) 25th anniversary, this internal evaluation study reviews the accomplishments and lessons of the past 10 years and reflects on a quarter century of progress.

In line with CIPE’s commitment to learning as an organization, this review assesses the impact of CIPE’s efforts and contributes to our understanding of what drives democratic and market reforms. Since the last major evaluation review 10 years ago, CIPE has expanded on successful approaches, refined its methods, and tested innovative solutions in response to shifting global needs. The 25-Year Impact Evaluation presents two opportunities: to take stock of progress made and lessons learned, and to build this knowledge into CIPE strategy for coming years.

This report presents findings, lessons, and recommendations based on CIPE’s overall portfolio of democracy assistance programs from 1999 to 2008. These were produced by an internal review of more than 500 project reports. The last such review was published as the CIPE 15-Year Evaluation: Impact and Results, 1984–1999.1 The current study updates the earlier one and explores additional questions. For the first time, the 25-year evaluation considers the effectiveness of different program themes, types of projects (in-house – those managed directly by CIPE – versus partnership projects – those managed by local partner organizations), types of partners, the country conditions that may affect a project, and project size. CIPE’s business model remains focused on partnership with local private sector organizations, while CIPE works to empower those organizations through training programs and technical assistance, and to disseminate new approaches to reform. The evaluation also updates the regional performance of partnership projects that were the subject of the 15-year study. The report encompasses both micro-level project impact and macro-level performance patterns of CIPE’s project portfolio. It is intended to serve as a learning and planning tool to help establish program goals, methods, and priorities.

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