Impact and Results of CIPE's Global Programs, 1984-1999

Executive Summary

Since 1984 the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has been engaged in fostering democratic development throughout the world. It recognized early on that economic development is a key component to achieving stability and building support for democracy. During the fifteen years covered by this evaluation, the world witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union, a wave of democratization in Central Europe, and a surge of new democracies in Latin America, Africa and Asia – many of which remain quite fragile.

Through its affiliation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, CIPE was well positioned to play a part in these remarkable changes. In the process CIPE developed an expansive international network of grassroots business associations and think tanks that are engaged in the difficult day-to-day work of advancing democracy and private enterprise in their countries. In many respects CIPE’s relationship with partner organizations overseas is the defining feature in the CIPE program. This evaluation examines the impact of 365 projects carried out with 200 partner organizations in 63 countries. The results show that 5% of the portfolio had exceptional impact, 25% high impact, 53% medium impact, and 17% low impact.

Impact and Results

Throughout the entire 15-year period, the efforts of CIPE’s partners around the globe to foster market-based, democratic development resulted in significant impact. Overall, 30% of the grant portfolio had significant or high impact. During each 5-year interval, CIPE and its partner organizations maintained this high rate of impact. This as the volume of grants awarded tripled over the 15-year period. The following is illustrative of accomplishments of CIPE partners around the world:

nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Nigeria

  • Built nationwide grassoots chamber system; Became voice of the private sector in advocating return of democracy

Chinese Economists Society, China

  • Created more open environment in China for public debate on key policy issues; Contributed to market economies becoming accepted as legitimate approach for analyzing economic policy

Riinvest Institute, Kosovo

  • Established voice of private sector and introduced market-based policy advocacy

Independent Institute of Socio-Economic & Political Studies, Belarus

  • Built think tank network and television advocacy program

Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Peru

  • Reduced time for business registration from 289 days to 1 day; 276,000 enterprises brought into formal sector

Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information, West Bank and Gaza

  • Created Israeli-Palestinian dialogue on economic reform issues and institution building
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