The Road to Open Governance: A Plan to Accelerate Collaboration with the Private Sector


The private sector joins with civil society in amplifying demand for governance reforms that advance transparency, accountability, sustainable development, and citizen well-being. The private sector provides expertise and innovative solutions to help governments deliver on their promises to citizens.

The Value of Partnerships

As a provider, the private sector shares expertise, information platforms, and innovative solutions to the challenges of expanding access to public information and connecting citizens with government.

As a stakeholder, the private sector shares input on national priorities, advises on impacts of reform plans, and participates in dialogue to discover collaborative solutions.

As a development partner, the private sector helps communities capture the economic value of open government and adopts practices for promoting sustainable growth.

Paths to Collaboration

1st Path: Develop National Action Plans

The private sector participates in consultations on national goals for OGP and advises on strategy to achieve those goals.

2nd Path: Implement National Action Plans

The private sector offers solutions to help realize plan commitments and participates in public-private partnerships for open governance.

3rd Path: Promote Corporate Transparency & Sustainability

Companies demonstrate how their practices promote transparency and sustainability in line with global principles.

Required Measures

Government invites the private sector to participate in consultations and/or partnerships and provides mechanisms to do so.

The private sector--including diverse businesses, entrepreneurs, and associations—organizes to proactively provide input, offer innovative solutions, and respond to government requests.

Processes are established to ensure transparent, inclusive dialogue. Criteria for public-private partnerships are disclosed.

Civil society organizations and the private sector share priorities and progress on open governance commitments.

Steps Forward

Extend an OGP-wide invitation to the private sector to participate, globally and in each country.

Facilitate exchange of best practices for public-private partnerships and dialogue.

Match the supply of private sector capabilities and interests to demand from OGP countries.

Share lessons and successes in governance partnerships based on experiences.

Align strategy for private sector engagement with overall OGP strategy.

The Private Sector Council on Open Governance is ready to assist in implementing these steps in cooperation with business, civil society, and government stakeholders.

For more information on the Private Sector Council, contact Kim Bettcher, Center for International Private Enterprise, or +1 (202) 721-9232

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