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Washington, DC – CIPE’s Board of Directors met at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to review and approve CIPE’s 2012 strategy. The Board also reviewed new proposals for Yemen and Belarus, accepted organizational financial reports, and approved new governance guidelines for members, which will be available soon on the CIPE website.



Weekly Update

A summary of program updates from the week ending October 21, 2011.

Weekly Update


Weekly Update

A summary of program updates from the week ending September 25, 2011.

Programs in Eurasia

Across Europe and Eurasia, sharp distinctions have emerged between countries striving to make progress on democratic and economic reform, and those marked by anti-democratic tendencies. In countries with closing democratic space, CIPE works with its partners to use economic and business issues as a wedge to encourage dialogue and debate where other organizations lack the ability to operate. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Summer 2010

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Breaking Down Administrative Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan

Aliya Kantarbayeva, In 1999, Kazakhstan was still in the beginning stages of its transition to a market-based economy. The transition had begun during perestroika in the late 1980s, when individuals were permitted to form their own businesses, called co-operatives. These entrepreneurial pioneers immediately attracted skilled workers from the state sector. Read more…

Associations in Action: Local Agents for Change

Economic Reform Case Study Business associations are integral to successful policy reform, participatory processes, and private sector development, existing precisely at the nexus of markets and democracy. Through its participation in public policy process the business community not only makes the process truly democratic, but it also brings to the table real solutions to economic problems. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Spring 2004

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. In This Issue: Private Sector Leads Reform in Iraq President Bush at NED Property Rights in China Advocacy Gets Results in Russia Advocacy in Tansania Kazakhs Appeal to President for Relief Nobel Laureate Headlines Latin American Conference Read more…


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