Combating Corruption

A participant in Yemen’s Youth Parliament speaks passionately about corruption as a “destructive beast” that hinders Yemen’s development.

In many countries, systemic corruption impedes market development, drives away investment, and erodes the legitimacy of law and political leadership. Improving governance and eliminating corrupt practices are priorities for improving business performance, establishing rule of law, and ensuring that democracy delivers for citizens.

CIPE mobilizes the private sector as a leading force in reducing bribery, extortion, and other forms of corruption. CIPE looks beyond individual illicit transactions to address the root sources of corruption. These include complex and contradictory laws and regulations, discretionary power of public officials, lack of transparency in public procurement, inconsistent enforcement, and absence of competitive markets. CIPE’s programs build institutions and reinforcement structures that reward honesty and transparency and punish abuse.

Anti-Corruption Programs at CIPE

CIPE addresses both the demand side and the supply side of corruption through programs that:

  • Mobilize the private sector to raise anti-corruption standards and advocate for reforms.
  • Streamline regulations and reduce implementation gaps to limit opportunities for corruption.
  • Improve corporate governance to strengthen firm-level integrity.
  • Facilitate collective action to level the playing field and coordinate company efforts.
  • Equip small and medium-sized enterprises to resist bribery and meet requirements of global value chains.

Read more about CIPE's anti-corruption programs.

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2016 Annual Report

In 2016, CIPE worked on over 130 projects in more than 50 countries.

Business Sector Takes Action to Fight Corruption in Ukraine

Article at a glance:

  • Although corruption remains entrenched in Ukrainian politics and the economy, private sector-led anti-corruption initiatives show a different path for the country.
  • A new Ukrainian anti-corruption law incentivizes prevention and promises stricter enforcement, prompting business efforts toward improved compliance.
  • CIPE and its partner the Ukrainian Corporate Governance Professional Association are building the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine to follow the standards of corporate governance and anti-corruption compliance.


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