Eurasia Weekly Updates

Albania - The Executive Director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research Zef Preci and Chairman of the Facon Chamber of Commerce Gjergji Gjika participated in a televised economic debate with the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade, and Enterprise Brunilda Paskali on the topic of Albania’s business climate and recent amendments to the tax code. Preci and Gjika both commended the positive steps that the government has taken, but emphasized that further action is also required. To this point, they discussed the issue of informality and its negative effect on formal businesses and the economy as a whole. The program, “Te Besh Ekonomi” (Doing Economics), is a weekly talk-show broadcast by Albania’s first 24-hour news channel, which has the largest market share of all news channels in the country.

Albania - In late November, the National Business Forum’s position paper on tax inspections was published in the third issue of the Albanian Socio-Economic Review, a quarterly scientific journal that includes academic research on social and economic issues. The journal has printed 1,000 copies to distribute to Albanian universities.

Moldova - Ahead of a public hearing planned for December 11, the National Business Agenda (NBA) network of 35 business associations and chambers of commerce has collected 27 depositions from a range of stakeholders, with 20 still expected. This public hearing is focused on how to improve the Moldovan education system. Currently, students do not graduate with marketable skills to fit the needs of a growing private sector. CIPE has provided extensive support to the NBA network to train participants in the methodology and best practices of conducting a public hearing.

Moldova - The National Tax Inspectorate announced that it is soliciting proposals for a new fiscal code. This is a development that has been advocated for several years by the National Business Agenda network, with CIPE support. The network is currently preparing recommendations for its submission.

Ukraine - CIPE partners Oleksandr Chumak, Head of the Association of Private Employers, and Oleksandr Pechalin, Head of the “Stina” Union of Entrepreneurs, along with Illia Neskhadovsky, a leading expert for the civic group “Reanimation Package of Reforms,” held a press conference on business priorities for the new Ukrainian Parliament. Chumak noted that SMEs face particular challenges in advocating for their interests with the government, while large businesses are represented throughout Parliament and the Presidential Administration. Neskhadovsky emphasized that of the 70 regulatory bodies in the country, 39 are able to suspend the activities of any business, which is a major cause of excessive bureaucracy and fees.



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