Weekly Update: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Bolivia – Fundación Milenio released two economic analysis bulletins, one featuring analyses of the Bolivian pension system and laws, and the other on the 2013 Bolivian state budget. These economic analysis bulletins form part of CIPE’s and Milenio’s efforts to cultivate a more informed citizenship in the area of economic policy. They are available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website.

Mexico – The Center of Research for Development (CIDAC) published a new edition of “Semana Política” its weekly policy analysis brief. In this and last week’s briefs, CIDAC discussed four topics: 1)an analysis of the initiative on anti-corruption presented by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Ecologist Green Party of Mexico; 2) an reevaluation of the public security system; 3) an analysis of the possibility of an improved bilateral relation between the United States and Mexico; and 4) an evaluation of the capabilities of president-elect Enrique Peña Nieto and his team in improving Mexico’s security and economy. The publications are available in Spanish on CIDAC’s website.

Paraguay – CIPE partner DENDE organized a roundtable event on “American Commercial Policy in Latin America: Business Opportunities in Paraguay” at the Paraguayan American Chamber of Commerce. The event was led by Director of the Americas Department and Executive Director of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce José Raúl Perales at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Several former government officials and entrepreneurs attended the event. On November 28, DENDE held a roundtable event with Cesar Barreto, a former government official, and 26 other entrepreneurs and union members to discuss economic and social development policy proposals to be presented at the upcoming presidential debate.

Regional – This week on the CIPE-supported RevistaPerspectiva.com: former Member of Congress in Venezuela Gustavo Tarre provides an analysis of Chavez's effort to establish a Communal State; former Ambassador of Colombia at the Organization of American States, United Kingdom, and Canada Fernando Cepeda Ulloa, and Director of Hashtag International Laura Gil offer their perspectives on the Colombia and Nicaragua's territorial dispute; and Director of Rafael Correa’s documentary Santiago Villa Chiappe explains how the documentary has been censored in the United States and Colombia.

Venezuela – CIPE partner the Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge (CEDICE) organized a roundtable event entitled “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).” Sociologist and professor at the Central University of Venezuela Tomas Páez led the discussion on SMEs and the way they address social responsibility. Forty entrepreneurs, journalists, and business leaders attended the event. The event was covered by media outlets, including El Universal, El Informador, El Mundo, and La Verdad. On November 27, CEDICE published its most recent cost-benefit analysis on the Economic Communal System Law.


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